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Our pharmacy provides medicines management services for inpatients, outpatients and day admitted patients in Inclusive Care hospital. A core function of the pharmacy department focuses on promoting the quality use of medicine principles and safe medication practices through:

  • Patient medication dispensing
  • Medication history taking, reconciliation and medication chart review;
  • Patient education and medication counselling to inpatients and outpatients;
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring service;
  • Involvement in consultant ward rounds;
  • Patient educations;
  • Management of supply of medicines and claim of Section 85 (PBS) and Section 100 medicines;
  • Support for indigenous health initiatives; and
  • Training and ongoing education of staff and undergraduate students


Outreach Service:

Inclusive Care Hospital has a dedicated outreach pharmacist, who travels around to all facilities surrounding ICH including hospitals and health clinics. The regular visits allow clinical pharmacy input into patient care in these sites, a review of practices pertaining to the acquisition, storage and supply of medications. These visits also allow the opportunity for the outreach pharmacist to provide education and training to staff in these facilities who are responsible for the medication management pathway.

Inclusive Care Hospital’s laboratory services are provided in an ultra-modern facility equipped with modern automated equipment that are well maintained. The lab provides all the basic lab tests including diagnostic services in phlebotomy, full biochemistry, full haemogram, and blood hormonal tests.

The Hospital’s main Laboratory is working towards achieving ISO 15189:2012 accreditation.


Nutrition is about eating a healthy and nutritious diet to help promote
healthy pregnancy outcomes, normal growth, development and aging,
healthy body weight and finally to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

We aim at attaining optimal health for our patients hence we focus on both
preventive and therapeutic nutrition.

We offer the following Nutritional services;

-Nutritional management of lifestyle conditions for instance; high blood     pressure, elevated levels of cholesterol and diabetes.

-Diet therapy which involves diet assessment and planning.

-Nutrition counselling for special clinic patients (TB & HIV/AIDS).

-Nutrition consultation for pregnant and lactating mothers’

-Weight monitoring for children 0-59 months.

-Complimentary feeding guidance to mothers and caregivers with infants   turning or are 6 months old.

-Weight management in adults

-Blood pressure monitoring

Nutritional Tips.

Take enough clean drinking water.
Drinking water helps to increase
energy and relieves fatigue,
prevents dehydration, promotes
weight loss and flushes out toxins.

Practice good oral hygiene
throughout as the health of the
mouth affects the nutrients

We take a great pride in the quality of our dentistry and always wish to make your visit a pleasant experience. Our aim is good dental health for you and your family through preventive dentistry. That means giving you regular dental advice and helping you understand how to care for your teeth yourself to reduce the need for dental treatment.

We also offer orthodontic  services with the primary mission to create happy, healthy smiles – not just through our magnificent orthodontic treatments, but also through our charming, in-office hospitality. Comfort and success are the name of the game as we strive to re position, straighten and perfect your beautiful smile.

Comprehensive Eye Tests, Wide Variety & High-Quality Glasses at Affordable Prices.

General Radiography (x-ray) and Fluoroscopy
  • Routine and emergency radiography services in the Main Hospital and Outpatient Centers (OPCs)
  • Portable radiography
  • X-ray examinations requiring special dye (Fluoroscopy) e.g. Barium examinations, HSG, MCU
  • All examinations from outpatient centres reported centrally
  • Multiple ultrasound suites in the main hospital and all the outpatient centres
  • Portable ultrasound services available for inpatients
  • Echocardiography services to support the cardiac catheterization lab and cardiology clinics
  • 4D obstetric ultrasound scans
  • Doppler US, Elastography
  • Point-of-care US

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Accidents & Emergency

The Accident & Emergency Department comes fully equipped for medical accidents and emergency care, with Ambulances, Radiology Services, Laboratory Services, Pharmacy Services and the Day Surgery Unit.

Dental Services

Accurate Results

We take a great pride in the quality of our dentistry and always wish to make your visit a pleasant experience. Our aim is good dental health for you and your family.

Eye Clinic

With High-End Equipment

Comprehensive Eye Tests, Wide Variety & High-Quality Glasses at Affordable Prices.
We Have All Your Eyecare Needs Covered


Accurate Results

Inclusive Care Hospital Radiology Department utilizes the latest technology in order to provide the highest quality Radiological services.

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